A 19-year-old salesman of an electronic goods showroom was arrested on Saturday for stealing gadgets from the showroom where he was working.

While investigating a theft case which took place at the Sony Centre on New BEL road on April 25, the Sanjaynagar police picked up K.R. Saichandan, on suspicion. Detailed questioning led him to confess to the crime.

According to the police, Saichandan, who wanted to make a quick buck, colluded with showroom manager, Ashwin, to rob the outlet.

As per the plan hatched by the duo, they forced the security guard to go out for dinner and later picked up gadgets including laptops, handy-cams and cameras worth Rs. 11.61 lakh. They had disconnected the CCTV a few days before looting the shop.

They hired an autorickshaw to shift the stolen goods and took it to the house of a former security guard of the showroom at Gangammanagudi. They promised to pay him for keeping the goods. While Ashiwn went on leave after a few days, Saichandan continued to report for work.

Inside job

The Sanjaynagar police, who investigated the crime scene, found that there was no forced entry into the showroom and they also found that the CCTV camera had been disconnected. This led the police to suspect that insiders were involved.


When the security guard was questioned, he revealed to the police that he was forced by Ashwin and Saichandan to go out and have dinner minutes before the theft. However, Ashwin is reported to be absconding.

Gadgets, including laptops, handy-cams and cameras, worth Rs. 11.61 lakh were stolen