The State government has released Rs. 20 lakh towards compensation for victims of the violence that erupted at the City Civil Court complex in Bangalore on March 2.

Official sources told The Hindu in Gulbarga on Thursday that several persons, including police personnel, media personnel and advocates, were injured in the violence on the court premises on March 2, and during the violence several two-wheelers and four-wheelers were set on fire. At that time the Chief Minister had announced that the government would foot the medical bills of the injured in the violence, and that those whose vehicles were damaged in the violence would also be eligible to receive appropriate compensation from the government.

The Deputy Commissioner of the Bangalore Urban District received 24 applications claiming medical compensation and also towards burnt and destroyed vehicles. Of the 24 applications, 16 applications were approved for payment of compensation of Rs. 14.43 lakh.

  • The incident took place in Bangalore on March 2

  • Rs. 20 lakh released to provide compensation to people who were injured and underwent medical treatment