Assembly Speaker G. Karthikeyan, on Monday, said subject committees of Parliament and legislatures had an important role in a democratic system as they ensured good governance and accountability of the executive.

He was inaugurating the 27th International Parliamentary Internship Programme, organised jointly by the Secretariats of the Lok Sabha and the Kerala Legislature here.

Mr. Karthikeyan said the State had an important role to play in a democracy. Corruption hindered good governance and undermined development and growth.

Giving an overview of the history of the Kerala Legislature, Mr. Karthikeyan said the State Assembly was the first in the country to introduce the committee system. This was later adopted by Parliament.

Kerala also introduced several other committees, including for women and children, youth affairs and senior citizens. These committees had proved to be an efficient way of making the executive accountable. The reports of the committees were discussed by the legislature, he said, while highlighting the efficacy of the Assembly's Assurance Committee that examined the assurances given by the government to the House.

This is the second time that the Kerala Legislature is hosting the internship programme.

Over 40 delegates from Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Niger, Tanzania, and Myanmar are participating in the three-day programme.

The programme had sessions on ‘Rules of Procedure and Privileges of the House,' ‘Legislative Process' and ‘Budgetary Process.'

P.D. Rajan, secretary of the Assembly, said the internship programme was intended to provide practical training on parliamentary procedures.