K.V. Prasad

NEW DELHI: The entry of Amethi Congress MP Rahul Gandhi into the organisation is "imminent'' amid reports that he has "agreed" to take the plunge.

Sources in the party say if everything moves according to plan, a reshuffle will take place "anytime now."

Ever since Mr. Gandhi joined politics ahead of the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, there has been a demand from all partymen that he be given a responsibilityin the organisation. It reached a crescendo at the Hyderabad plenary in January, but the Amethi MP said while he was available for any work in the party, he wanted to take his own time as the "learning" process was not yet over.

The question when he would adopt a hands-on approach keeps cropping up. As late as Friday, party president Sonia Gandhi was asked about it and she said it was for Mr. Gandhi to decide (when he should take the plunge).

Though Mr. Gandhi has not publicised his involvement with the party work, the sources said that for the past few weeks he had been interacting with workers from Uttar Pradesh.

The pace picked up after the local body elections in which the Congress bagged three Mayoral seats. Its vote share was stated to have gone up to 20 plus per cent up from six-seven per cent.

With Assembly elections due, there is pressure on the party to give Mr. Gandhi a more active role.