Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: “We are increasing our level of preparedness to meet any terror threat or terror attack. And in case of any such threat or attack, our response will be swift and decisive,” Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram said on Tuesday.

Asked about intelligence inputs on terror activities, he cautioned the media not to present an alarmist picture. “We are fully aware of the threats from across the border. We have good intelligence and we are taking preventive steps.”

Mr. Chidambaram was talking to journalists after inaugurating a new police station at Sunlight Colony in Southeast Delhi.

Pointing out that mega-city policing was different from policing a rural area, block or district, the Minister said it required special abilities, particularly management skills, the best technology and continuous alert.

“The number of policemen on the street is the first requirement of effective policing. Put more and more men on their feet walking the streets. At the same time, we must induct the best technology,” he said, adding the Delhi police made an impressive beginning by inducting more policemen and women, increasing the number of patrol vehicles and two-wheelers and setting up a better control room for a better response mechanism.

Soon better intelligence equipment, especially communication gadgets, would be procured. The day was not far when helicopter policing would be conducted on special occasions, he said.

Mr. Chidambaram complimented the Delhi police on arresting Maoist leader Kobad Gandhy.