Employees’ resistance appears to be killing all attempts to redeploy ministerial staff of the Public Works Department (PWD) to the local bodies.

Even two months after the issue of orders for redeployment of over 500 ministerial employees of the department to the local bodies, nothing has happened.

The employees have refused to move to the local bodies citing various reasons, most importantly on the plea that if they were to move out, it would result in shortage of hands in the department. It is almost four months since T.O. Sooraj, secretary, Public Works, had issued the order, but no major movement of staff to the local bodies has happened so far. The order was for redeployment of 324 clerks, 105 typists, 102 peons, three junior superintendents, and one administrative assistant. Although 68 upper division clerks, 28 lower division (LD) clerks, nine lower division typists and two peons had moved the Kerala Administrative Tribunal, some had approached the chief engineer (administration) with the contention that there were no excess posts in the department. The chief engineer had reported that there were 101 excess posts of LD clerks in the department as on November 30, 2011, and no excess staff However, the government had found that there were sufficient number of excess ministerial staff.