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Innovas by Mr. Modi towards passage of the rescued pilgrims; air-dropping of a complete medical team on Hardwar; and setting up of camps across the flood-hit areas.

The Gujarat Chief Minister’s supporters greeted the news in jubilation, citing it as proof of his super-managerial skills, and saying that the performance of the Centre, the Uttarakhand Government, and even the Armed Forces, had paled in comparison. BJP office-bearers hailed Mr. Modi’s effort as a model to be emulated by the Centre and other States.

But soon, criticism started on two grounds. The first punctured the ‘15,000’ figure, with several reports showing how it was logistically impossible to conduct such an ‘evacuation’ operation in the limited time span and in the prevailing weather conditions. Others pointed out that even if true, the act of only rescuing Gujaratis, did not enhance the image of a prime ministerial aspirant. It was after this that Rajnath Singh stepped in and questioned the veracity of the story.

Mr. Soondas was unfazed by criticism that he had not exercised due diligence in presenting the 15,000 figure as fact. He said: “I believe rescuing 15,000 people over four days is actually possible since it refers to providing them food, transport, logistics.” He defended the pitch of the story, and argued: “It is not possible to say everything in the introduction. The headline seems to have brought a sharper focus to the story.”

In the past few days, a spate of new stories and blogs — sourced to Gujarat government officials — have made fresh claims about Mr. Modi’s rescue efforts in Uttarakhand and praised him for showing the way forward in disaster management.

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