Crediting K.V. Subbanna of ‘Ninasam' and Shankaranarayana Bhat for sharpening his thinking process and fine-tuning his sensibilities, writer U.R. Ananthamurthy on Sunday said they influenced his outlook towards issues plaguing society.

Speaking at a book release function at Surana College here, Mr. Ananthamurthy admitted that he lost his Brahminical arrogance after reading Shivaram Karanth and Kuvempu.


He noted that Kuvempu was the only writer who was committed to Kannada, whereas others, including Da. Ra. Bendre and Goplakrishna Adiga, were influenced by Sanskrit.

Releasing “Acheeche” and “Pacche Resort”, two important works of Mr. Ananthamurthy, critic H.S. Raghavendra Rao said that human relations were the main concern in his writings, with social concerns visible in the backdrop. “Inter-personal relationship is the quintessential character in most of Mr. Murthy's works,” he observed.


Describing Mr. Murthy as both ‘Sangha Mitra' and ‘Kevala Mitra', Prof. Raghavavendra Rao said: “Existential issues of human race are the writer's major concern.”

He described Dr. Murthy's writing style as “taut, attractive, and intimate”.

Poets H.S. Venkateshamurthy, Taarini Shubadayini and Ja. Na. Tejashree spoke. A.S. Chandramouli, principal, Surana College, was present.