The Kerala High Court on Tuesday appointed a High Court lawyer to find out whether the Jadayu Vadham painting of Raja Ravi Varma displayed at the Sree Chitra Art gallery was original.

The order was passed by the Bench comprising Justice Pius C. Kuriakose and Justice Babu Mathew P. Joseph. Lawyer Valsala Madhavan was appointed as Commissioner.

The order came on a petition filed by the Bangalore-based Bid and Hammer Auctioneers Pvt Ltd. It pleaded that an Advocate Commissioner be appointed for finding out the genuineness of the painting. According to it, there were two original paintings of Jadayu Vadham. While it possessed one, the other was displayed at the art gallery.

The court had last year allowed the auction of three paintings of Ravi Varma. This order was passed when a petition filed by Archana Narayanan, a great grand-niece of Raja Ravi Varma came up for hearing.

She sought a direction to acquire the four auctioned paintings of Varma by the Bangalore- based private auctioneers and to preserve them in one of the best government-owned museums in India.