May 30 (Spring Bank Holiday) is a public holiday in England. But that will not stand in the way of senior executives of JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) from attending a day-long meeting with their bosses from India.

Asserting that Chairman of Tata Group Ratan Naval Tata was misquoted in an interview to a British daily, Tata Motors Managing Director and Group CEO Carl-Peter Forster said that Mr. Tata was talking about the past. “I will be there on Monday. All the senior management professionals from the group will be there. Is this not proof enough he was misquoted?” Mr. Forster toldThe Hindu on the sidelines of an event here, organised to launch Tata Nano .

Other top management professionals from the Tata Group, based in India, would also attend Monday's meeting.

Mr. Tata was quoted byThe TimesofLondon, criticising British managers for their work ethics.

The paper quoted him as saying, “In India, if you are in crisis, if it means working to midnight, you would do it. The worker in JLR seems to be willing to do that, the management is not.”

The Tata Group denied this quote attributed to Mr. Tata.

Mr. Forster too said that they had the entire recorded version of the interview and it was “very clear” from this that Mr. Tata was referring to the situation “about five years ago” which had changed.