A successful redo (second time) bypass surgery was performed on a HIV positive individual here last week, perhaps for the first time in the country, by a team of doctors led by senior cardiac surgeon Prateek Bhatnagar.

Dr. Bhatnagar stated that a 55-year-old businessman from Maharashtra who is HIV positive since 2001 had his first bypass surgery done here in 2003 using beating heart surgery with arterial revascularisation.

The patient had received two bypasses using left internal mammary artery (LIMA) and radial artery.

The patient remains to be in good health for all these years continuing on his antiviral drugs for his HIV status. He had developed angina again two weeks back and a coronary angiography and a cardiac CT angiography done conducted on him had revealed that both his earlier bypasses were functioning well but he had developed new critical blocks.

A redo bypass surgery was done by Dr. Bhatnagar and his team creating new bypasses for his current blocks.

The patient had quick recovery and was walking around just 16 hours after surgery and was climbing stairs only three days after the surgery.

A few interesting and important findings were noted in the redo on the HIV positive, Dr. Bhatnagar said. The complication of reduced immune response could be minimised among HIV positive persons if due precautions were taken as there was no infection after surgery in this case.

HIV positive persons could survive for a long time after successful bypass surgery by continuing their antiviral drugs and redo bypass surgery could be done on such patients with good results. Arterial grafts including radial artery would also work well in such patients and such patients could get new lease of life if proper infection control measures were taken.