The BJP brass on Thursday gave a pep talk to party members who lost the recent Lok Sabha polls.

At a workshop organised to introspect on the recent poll results with a special focus on the seats that the party lost, the BJP workers were told to concentrate on the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Party president Rajnath Singh encouraged members who lost to keep interacting with the people in their constituencies. The workers were told not to get disheartened and instead focus on consolidating the party’s position in their respective States, sources told The Hindu .

The BJP members were asked to follow a three-step route — ‘ samvaad, sampark and sahyog’ (dialogue, connection and cooperation) — to ensure that the party does not lose touch with the electorate. “The BJP did well in most States. In Odisha, West Bengal and some southern States, where the party did not bag many seats, the vote share has increased. Senior leaders like Ananth Kumar and Ramlal cited these as examples of the party’s growing popularity and cautioned the members against giving up,” the source said.

The BJP has also revived the NDA tradition of having one Minister present at the BJP office every day to coordinate organisational work. The idea is to strike a balance between party work and ministerial duties.