Even though the railways have used a number of ways to increase the revenue, the first half of the current financial year has proved to be far from satisfying in terms of earnings.

It has slipped in a big way in passenger earnings and its freight earnings too have not been able to meet the budget provision as a result of which the total net revenue stood at Rs. 79682.66 crore as against the budgetary estimate of Rs. 77235.64 crore, a shortfall of Rs. 2447 crore(3.07 percent) during April-October 2013-14.

The passenger earnings were Rs. 21247.79 crore as against the half-yearly target of Rs. 24058.18 crore, a dip of Rs. 2810.39 crore or 11.68 per cent.

Freight earning stood at Rs. 51876.33 crore, marginally lower than the estimate of Rs. 51903.57 crore by 27.24 crore or 0.05 per cent.

The number of passengers booked during the six- month period was 4967.26 million as against 4997.36 million in the corresponding period a year ago, hence, lower by 0.60 per cent.

The suburban sector showed an increase of 2.35 per cent with 2657.16 million travelling as against 2596.17 million in the six months period last year, but the non-suburban sector showed a decline of 3.79 per cent-- 2310.10 million travelling as against 2401.17 million last year.

The railways have tried to raise about Rs. 2350 crore during the second half of the current financial year which is actually less than the shortfall of Rs. 2477 crore in the first half of the fiscal.