The Indian Railways has launched an enhanced, user-friendly website — — for enquiries. The interface, which offers passengers quick and easy access to essential information, was developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems, the Railways’ IT wing.

The new website can answer queries, even if passengers do not know their station code or train number. The website is available both in English and Hindi. The mobile version of the web portal will also be available through the same URL.

Some of the new features available on the website include “Spot your train”, “Trains cancelled”, “Station”, “Rescheduled”, “Diverted” and “Trains between stations”.

The “Spot your train” section offers complete train information in real-time — including train schedule, current running status, and expected time of arrival/expected time of departure at queried station. “Trains between stations” offers information on all trains between any two stations. This information is presently not available on any other government website.