To make train travel hassle-free, the Railways have decided to accept complaints registered electronically.

The Railways are developing software that would enable passengers to post their grievances by email or SMS, thus saving them the trouble of chasing the guard or the ticket examiner to get the complaint book. The Railways will monitor online the complaint, forwarding it internally and responding to it forthwith. The agency at fault will be hauled up.

Reservation facilities

Even for booking reserved tickets, the Railways will reach out to you if you are not tech savvy or lack modern facilities like credit cards or computers.

Under a new initiative, reservation facilities will be provided at post offices, government offices, universities and colleges and Army units located in far-flung areas. Such centres will issue unreserved tickets as well.

Those wanting to set up such facilities will have to provide the window and manpower while the Railways will provide the communication system, besides training personnel to operate it.