The Pulse Polio programme will be taken up through out the State in two rounds -- Sunday, January 20 and February 24.

Health and Family Welfare Minister D.L. Ravindra Reddy said that polio immunisation vaccine would be administered to all the 98,01,752 children in the 0-5 year age group.

Launched in 1995, the pulse polio initiative has been one of the main strategies for polio eradication. As the country achieved a milestone being polio free for nearly two years, it had been removed from the list of countries with polio virus transmission by the World Health Organisation, he said.

The State in fact had not recorded a single polio case since 2008 thanks to the pulse polio immunisation programme and high quality preparedness and monitoring during the National Immunisation Days, he added.

On January 20, booth level immunisation would be taken up in 63,766 polio booths in all cities, towns, villages and habitations including tribal areas. They polio immunisation booths would also be set up at transit points at all railway stations, bus stands, ferry points, tourist spots etc.

Dr.Ravindra Reddy said 1,864 mobile teams would be placed to detect and cover children of construction workers, nomadic groups, agricultural fields and fishermen communities. The second round of PPI programme would be conducted from February 24 to 27.