Trinamool vandalism recalled

“Public memory is not so short that people will forget the vandalism in the State Assembly by Trinamool Congress legislators in 2006,” was the refrain of major Opposition parties here on Wednesday in response to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s accusation that the Opposition was maligning the image of State Assembly.

 Ms. Banerjee’s charge came in the course of her address at the closing ceremony of the platinum jubilee celebrations of the Assembly when she criticised the Opposition for boycotting proceedings.

 The Left Front and Congress stayed away from the House protesting the manner in which the Trinamool Congress has been functioning in the Assembly, not allowing their MLAs to express their views.

 Leaders from the Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP), referred to the vandalism of the Assembly premises seven years ago said that “it does not suit Ms. Banerjee” to make such remarks.

  “Our Chief Minister is the last person who should speak about upholding the principles of parliamentary democracy. People of the State can vividly recall how she stormed into the House and oversaw the vandalism of the Assembly by her MLAs. Even after coming to power not a single word by her expressing regret on the incident has been uttered,” Mohd Salim, member of the central committee of the CPI(M), said.

“Today the Chief Minister is talking about the sanctity of the House but where was it when they (Trinamool Congress MLAs) ransacked the Assembly in 2006?” Mohammad. Sohrab, leader of the Congress Legislature Party, said.

Referring to the role of the Trinamool Congress MPs in Parliament, Mr. Sohrab said that the MPs of the ruling party indulge in regular protests outside Parliament and did not attend an all-party meeting called by Speaker of Lok Sabha for the winter session.

“We had got the proof in 2006 of how high esteem the Trinamool Congress holds the State Assembly in when its MLAs vented their ire against the government by damaging furniture in the House,” Rahul Sinha, State president of BJP said.

  • Mamata Banerjee accused the Opposition of maligning the Assembly’s image

  • The CM’s charge came during her address at the closing ceremony of the platinum jubilee celebrations