A forum of minority communities of West Bengal said they felt neglected and the promises made by the State Government are yet to be fulfilled. They also suggested that the Wakf properties be handed over to them.

“Only announcements were made. No work has been done till now by the State government for the welfare of the minorities,” said Khalid Ebadullah, president, West Bengal Minority Development Council, here on Saturday.

The Council urged the government to implement the 15 point programme sanctioned by the Centre.

“About 95 per cent of the minorities are Muslims and we are deprived of all the programmes that are being announced by both the Central and the State governments,” said Mr. Ebadullah.

“Even though 26 per cent of the total population of the State is minorities, the government has failed to address our problems, despite promises being made to us during the election time.”

Speaking on the representation of minorities in State government jobs, he said: “Since 2010 only 1.7 per cent of the State government jobs are with the minorities. No employment has been provided to them beyond that,” he said.

“The scenario in education is equally bad. Around 80 per cent of the dropouts belong to the minority community,” he said. “If the State government gives the Wakf Board properties, worth about Rs. 2 crore, to us, we would not require any more money from them for welfare,” he said.

Replying to a question on the government’s claim of fulfilling 90 per cent of its promises made to the minorities, he said: “It has made false claims about fulfilling their promises.”

  • Minority Development Council suggested that Wakf Board properties be given to them

  • ‘Since 2010 only 1.7 per cent of the State Government jobs are with the minorities’