For the second consecutive day, Prithvi-II missile was successfully test-fired by personnel of the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) from Chandipur, Odisha, on Tuesday.

On Monday, the missile was tested for a range of 300 km, against its maximum strike range of 350 km. In Tuesday’s mission, the single-stage liquid-propelled rocket was test-fired for a range of 325 km by a missile regiment unit of the SFC. The entire exercise was monitored by scientists of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The nuclear weapons-capable missile was picked up randomly from its arsenal and launched from a road mobile launcher at 12.15 p.m. from Launch Complex-III of the Chandipur test range.

Describing the mission as “excellent,” a DRDO official said the missile achieved a very good accuracy of less than 15 metres while zeroing on to the pre-designated target point in the Bay of Bengal. During a flight of seven minutes, aided by a hybrid GPS-INS navigation system, Prithvi-II, carrying a dummy payload of 500 kg, went to an altitude of 38 km before manoeuvring towards the target point.