With two senior officials of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) resigning and the calls for the resignation of Board president N. Srinivasan growing, many observers say that a Special General Body Meeting would need to be convened to enable all the BCCI members air their views on the scandal.

The Working Committee of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), set to meet next week, has the authority to pass a resolution to convene such a meeting.

Earlier on Friday, BCCI joint-secretary Anurag Thakur confirmed he had spoken to Mr. Srinivasan and Mr. Jagdale to call for a meeting to discuss the issue.

“The matter is serious and has to be addressed at the earliest,” Mr. Thakur told reporters. “The game’s reputation has taken a hit. I have spoken to the President and the Secretary and requested both to call a meeting where every member should get a chance to present his views and discuss the punishment for those guilty. It’s a not a numbers game. Everybody wants a fair probe.”

According to a former Board dignitary, it would be tough to remove Mr. Srinivasan from the post. “A three-fourth majority is needed to sack the president and there is no precedent in this matter,” he said. “No Board president in the past has faced such flak. It is sad he is refusing to quit for the sake of the Board’s image.”

The ICC’s ACSU sends a report 15 days after the completion of the IPL. The BCCI is awaiting the report for this season. IPL did not engage the services of ICC-ASCU for the first two years (2008, 2009) but after Paul Congdon’s observations about potential malpractices in the IPL, the Board had signed an agreement with the ICC. From IPL 3 to 6 the ICC-ASCU has been assisting the IPL. The ACSU, said sources, makes general observations, but does not name names, for lack of evidence.