The police unravelled the mystery behind the murder of Bangalore-based software executive and arrested two persons responsible for the crime.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, Superintendent of Police S. Chandrasekhar Reddy said software professional M.V. Prabhu, 37, who left Hyderabad in a car for Bangalore on January 12 went missing.

He came to Hyderabad to attend a conference and started from there after speaking to his mother on telephone.

The company staff reported to the family that he did not attend to work on January 14 as was scheduled. His father, an army officer, and other family members launched a search for him and traced that he went missing somewhere near Kurnool. The passage of the car was recorded at the toll gate near Kurnool but it did not cross the next toll gate at Dhone. The family lodged a complaint with the Kurnool police.

On information that a car was in the custody of two persons identified as Kasim and Deva, the police arrested the two and launched an investigation.

During the interrogation, they revealed the startling facts that they had murdered Prabhu who resting in his car on the outskirts of the city around midnight.

The duo who were going on a bike stopped at the parked car and found the lone passenger sleeping in the car. They threatened him to part with the money and other valuables.

They snatched Rs.1,400 and a bank card from him and insisted on the password. When they failed to receive the money at the nearby ATM, they beat him up demanding the correct password. He died of severe injuries. The gang burnt the body and took away the car.

The police recovered the car and the remains from the spot where the body was burnt. The police recovered the gold which was robbed by the gang in other incidents and also arrested three more persons relating to other offences based on the information given by the duo. The officers and staff of Crime Control Station and Rural Police Station investigated the case.