Two sisters, who locked themselves up in a house for the past several years due to frequent spat between the parents, were rescued by the police and the women committee members at Hubsipur in Dubbak mandal of Medak district on Thursday. Presently the police and the officials of the Women and Child Welfare Department were questioning them to find out the facts. According to Dubbak CI Venkata Ramayya and CDPO Sukanya, one B. Srinivas Reddy and his wife Venkata Lakshmi have two daughters -- Chandrakala (27) and Jyothi (25). Both Lakshi and Reddy used to quarrel frequently and in the process started living separately. This reportedly affected the daughters and they felt awkward to venture out and meet fellow villagers. As a result the sisters decided to confine themselves to a house and never ventured out.

Venkata Lakshmi, with the help of women and child welfare officials, lodged a complaint with the police alleging that her daughters were locked up by their father. Police reached the village and rescued both the sisters. The police said that both the sisters had out up an electric fence to prevent others from entering their house.

The sisters, upset with their parents’ frequent quarrels, confine themselves to a house