Special Correspondent

AHMEDABAD: At least 25 persons, including a police official, were injured and police opened fire following a clash between a group of people and workers outside the main gate of the Essar Oil refinery on Khambhaliya Road, about 40 km from Jamnagar in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat on Wednesday.

According to a company spokesman, trouble started after a man was injured by a speeding car and the local people mistook it for an Essar vehicle and attacked the security building of the company. Some glass panes were damaged and workers injured in the stone throwing that ensued. There was a scuffle between the enraged workers and the local people. Clashing mobs set at least three vehicles on fire.

Even after a lathi charge and lobbing of 17 teargas shells, the situation threatened to go out of control. Police fired 10 rounds to disperse the clashing mob. Official sources confirmed that at least one person sustained bullet injuries.

The Essar spokesman clarified that the labourers involved in the scuffle were hired by contractors and the company had nothing to do with the incident.

He also claimed that the work inside the complex was not affected by the clash.