Staff Reporter

CHANDIGARH: The interim bail plea of the former Haryana Director-General of Haryana, S.P.S. Rathore, was rejected only on technical grounds, said Pankaj Bharadwaj, lawyer of the family of a teenager who was molested by Rathore. She committed suicide three years after the incident.

“The law permits him to file for a bail, but we are happy that the legal machinery has been set in motion, and we are hoping for the case to come to its logical end,” Mr. Bharadwaj said on Wednesday.

“In this kind of case, custodial interrogation is required. He has misused his power and committed several crimes. The court should not grant him bail in such a case,” he said.

Evidence being collected

The Panchkula police said evidence was being collected in respect of the fresh charges against Rathore. Action would be taken only after the completion of a detailed investigation. “We will collect evidence, including oral and documentary, before taking any further action,” Superintendent of Police Maneesh Chaudhary said on Wednesday.

Death penalty sought

The girl’s father said Mr. Rathore should be hanged. “He killed my daughter by misusing his official position. He has ruined my son and my family. We are virtually homeless today. We want death penalty for him.”