New Delhi: Obtaining a passport may not be difficult anymore if a proposal of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to do away with the system of address verification of an applicant receives support.

The MEA intends to shift to the system of issuing passports only on the basis of identification of an applicant rather than verification of his or her residence by police, sources said here on Sunday.

To reduce delays

The proposal has been mooted with the aim of reducing delays in issuing passports, they said.

It is awaiting the approval of the Home Ministry.

The MEA decided to adopt the `identity-based passport issuing system' instead of the `local identity system' after noticing that delays were caused mainly because of police verification reports.

However, it was noted that an applicant is sometimes compelled to change his residence after submitting his application for passport, causing delays.

The identity-based system is followed by most countries and the MEA resorted to this proposal after realising its advantages, sources said.