“Aim is to instil respect for women in all spheres of life”

The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) on Friday announced that it had constituted a committee to finalise modalities for a media campaign against indecent portrayal of women in mass media.

Speaking about the initiative, WCD Minister Krishna Tirath said: “In the meeting of the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) held earlier this year regarding measures to tackle the menace of sexual crimes against women, it was decided to have a sustained media campaign to highlight positive aspects of women empowerment and against negative, indecent and stereotyped projection of women in movies, TV shows and advertisements.’’

She noted that it was also decided that a committee be constituted to draw up the modalities of such a campaign in the mass media.

“We understand that sustained awareness is the key to bringing about long-term change in the attitude and the mindset of society in a positive manner. Development of women cannot happen in isolation the community and society has to work hand-in-hand with the government and the women themselves for us to be able to usher in a change for the better,’’ said the Minister.

The committee will be headed by WCD Additional Secretary K. Ratna Prabha and will comprise senior members from the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting among others. “The committee will work towards finalising modalities of a media campaign, through print and electronic media, to instil a sense of respect for women in all spheres of life,’’ explained a senior WCD official.

“We are also looking at the committee to draw up a national campaign to sensitise families regarding the values of girls, through depicting women achievers, abhor civil practices like female foeticide, dowry, child marriages, etc. The group will identify areas of cooperation between the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Information and Broadcasting Ministry on all such issues that demand sustained public interest campaigns in print, electronic as well as social media,’’ noted the official.

Stating that the mandate of the committee was also to suggest innovative campaign/ strategy to project women in a more positive light, Ms. Tirath said: “We want the women of India to be projected in a proactive and empowered manner, which can have maximum impact on the society and bring about an attitudinal/ behavioural change among people towards women.”