Faced with the charge by the Left parties of engaging in the politics of vendetta , Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asserted on Tuesday that neither she nor her government was “vindictive” and that it was her “duty” to look into allegations made by the Opposition.

Her remarks came in response to allegations by the Left that political vendetta led to the arrest of Sushanta Ghosh, a Minister in the Left Front government, after the recovery from near his ancestral house of skeletons of persons who, it is claimed, were Trinamool Congress supporters.

“It is not in my hands that skeletons are being dug up now… The law will take its course because we are not vindictive and we have not interfered [in the investigations],” Ms. Banerjee told journalists in the premises of the Assembly, shortly after she spoke in the same vein in the House.

Claiming that bodies of many of those who had died in incidents of violence, including the occurrences in Nandigram and Salbani, during the tenure of the previous government still remained untraced, she asked: “What is wrong if the families concerned go out looking for those still missing?”

While dismissing as untrue much of the allegations made by the Left parties, of their workers being attacked by those of the Trinamool Congress, she said: “We have inquired into the allegations… If I receive any grievance, it is my duty to take care of the allegations as much as possible.”

“It goes to the credit of our government that we have maintained peace so far after 35 (read 34) years of atrocities [committed during the Left Front rule],” Ms. Banerjee said. Furthermore, her party supporters had been told “not to take the law into their hands,” she added.