Mile-long queues as pumps resume business in Imphal

Oil pumps in and around Imphal which shut down in the wake of the recent general strike and blockade, resumed on Friday. Long queues, sometimes as long as two km, could be seen in front of them. On average, a driver has to wait for 2 hours for his turn. To discourage panic buying, a vehicle is given just 5 litres. The pumps will function only from morning to evening. The All Manipur Petroleum Drivers and Motor Workers Union called off its ceasework protest, which it had called from Monday, following the release of oil tanker driver Surjit Sougrakaspm, who had been kidnapped from Kohima on Sunday morning. The incident happened despite armed CRPF personnel escorting vehicles along NH 2 that passes through Nagaland.

  • Pumps will function only from morning to evening

  • Truck drivers vulnerable to attacks on highways