The Deputy Commissioner and the chairman of the Hassan Urban Development Authority (HUDA) are at loggerheads over alienation of a piece of land, less than one acre, in Hassan taluk.

While Deputy Commissioner K.P. Mohan Raj has defended his decision not to accept applications for alienation of the land citing resolutions adopted by the HUDA, chairman of HUDA Navile Annappa has stated that the authority has not adopted a resolution to this effect.

Mr. Raj, citing the resolution adopted by the HUDA in its meeting held on May 28, 2010, and August 8, 2012, in a press release said that the resolutions had come in the way of accepting the applications for alienation of piece land. He also released a copy of the letter he had written to the Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department, to the media. In his letter, he brought to the notice of the Principal Secretary that the district administration would consider alienation of the land if HUDA held a special meeting and withdrew its resolution adopted on August 8, 2012.

Mr. Annappa, in a press release issued here on Friday, refuted the Deputy Commissioner’s statement alleging that he had misled the Principal Secretary.

“HUDA has no authority to restrict alienation of land. HUDA’s role is only to sanction layout plan. However, sanctioning of layout plan is a process done after the process of alienation. The Deputy Commissioner has the authority under the Karnataka Land Revenue Act to alienate land,” Mr. Annappa said.

Meeting today

HUDA has convened a special meeting on Monday to issue a clarification to the Deputy Commissioner, he added.