Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Satellite Oceansat-2, launched by PSLV-C14 on Wednesday, is doing “absolutely fine” and the onboard camera, called the ocean colour monitor (OCM), has taken pictures of the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Gujarat’s Kutch region, an Indian Space Research Organisation official said.

The official said, “It has beamed good quality pictures of the Arabian Sea.”

The OCM would help to study the colour of the oceans, leading to the identification of potential fish breeding grounds. Advisories could be given to fishermen on where to fish.

The life of Oceansat-2 is five years.

The six foreign nano satellites, which were also launched by the PSLV-C14, were in the right orbit and “we don’t have to worry about them,” the official said.

Hyderabad Special Correspondent writes:

The images sent by Oceansat-2 were received at the National Remote Sensing Centre’s (NRSC) Earth Station at Shadnagar, 60 km south of Hyderabad, at 12.40 p.m.

The images showing ocean features and cloud formation were “very good.” The data was processed and the product was later made available to the users, NRSC sources said.