Members of Parliament from Karnataka submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday seeking approval to pending proposals under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. The MPs met Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha K. Rahman Khan in this regard.


According to the sources, there is 1,47,212 km of rural road, including the core network length of 67,508 km, in the State. Of the 67,508-km stretch, 24,005 km is black-topped, 10,907 km is metalled and 32,596-km stretch has gravel or earthen surface.

According to the memorandum, 27,000-km stretch of road need to be upgraded to provide all-weather roads for the benefit of habitats with population of 1,000 or more, and about 37,000 km stretch to benefit habitats with a population of 500 or more.

Under the PMGSY, 14,540-km road stretch has been constructed in the State by July 2011 at a cost of Rs. 3,300 crore.

The Centre has returned proposals worth Rs. 564.27 crore under Phase IX of the yojana. They were submitted by the State during 2010-11.

And, the proposals submitted in respect of newly identified unconnected habitations for Rs. 2,400 crore are yet to be considered by the Centre.

Some of the southern states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu etc. had taken steps to complete all their unconnected roads using their own funds even before the PMGSY was implemented. This was clearly known to the Ministry of Rural Development. Despite that, the Government of India took a decision to provide for the upgrade of roads only in respect of the last six phases commencing from 2003-04 till date. This has shocked all States that have done exceptionally well on their own and also using the funds provided under the PMGSY, says the memorandum.