New Delhi: Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie's companion Brad Pitt has said the controversy involving her bodyguards in a school in Mumbai was ``an awful misunderstanding'' and dismissed the charge that they attacked children and parents and uttered racial slurs.

``We have a multi-racial family and understanding and respecting different religions is very important to us,'' he told NDTV.

Mr. Pitt is producing A Mighty Heart, in which Jolie stars as Marianne Pearl, wife of the Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl who was killed in Pakistan.

He said: "I do feel maybe we should have addressed the press when we got here.... rather than at the end... to explain our intentions and the message of the film."

"What I do regret is that the incident disturbed a school day for children, and for that, local media are equally responsible."

Mr. Pitt said Ms. Jolie and he did not plan to adopt an Indian baby for now but did not rule out such a plan in the future. PTI