The National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal is launching a new M.Tech. programme (Materials and Systems Engineering Design) in collaboration with Nonferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC), a research laboratory based at Hyderabad.

The NIT director T. Srinivasa Rao said in a statement that the NFTDC is an advanced technology centre actively involved in high technology research in the areas such as aerospace, energy (conventional and nonconventional), automotive, biomedical, process engineering and environment sectors.

The salient feature of the M.Tech. programme is that GATE qualified students will be admitted through admission process of NIT Warangal besides scientists and engineers sponsored by NFTDC. The course will be taught jointly by scientists of NFTDC and the professors at NIT Warangal and the laboratory courses will be done completely at the laboratories of NFTDC Hyderabad.

The M.Tech thesis work of the students will be done on the live projects being executed at NFTDC with joint project guidance.

The graduating students will have an opportunity to serve NFTDC as project associates and the best among them may be hired as engineers and scientists. This collaboration will benefit the students immensely due to their exposure to high tech facilities, hands on training and collaborative study with the scientists and engineers of a premier research lab.