The Neyveli Township is the only place in Tamil Nadu that is free from the hustle and bustle of electioneering.

Since the township is owned and maintained by the Neyveli Lignite Corporation management, it is out of the purview of the local body elections. The electorate numbering over 60,000 in the Neyveli Township is insulated from the general concept of local administration for the reason that the NLC has formed a separate mechanism termed Township Administration Department headed by a Chief General Manager to take care of its affairs, thereby precluding the role of any popularly elected local governance.

The sprawling township, spread over 50 of sylvan surroundings, has been divided into 30 blocks with each block having all the requisite amenities. It can boast of well laid-out roads, medians with greenery, parks, sports facilities, bazaars, and so on.

The NLC management has been taking care of its water and electricity requirements. There are quite a number of educational institutions, including a science college, patronised by the NLC, and places of worship inside the township. The management has also been running bus services connecting various places. There is a well-equipped general hospital and clinics to cater to the health care needs of the employees and also to the people from the peripheral areas. The composition of the township is cosmopolitan in nature, representing a variety of culture, languages, traditions and style of living.

Neyveli that formed part of the Kurinjipadi Assembly constituency till the last general elections has now become a separate Assembly constituency on its own right. The Neyveli Assembly constituency consists of the entire Neyveli Township and parts of the Kurinjipadi and Panruti Assembly constituencies.

It is pertinent to note that the residents of the township enjoy voting rights in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. It is a fact that the outcome of both the elections is mostly determined by the voting pattern in the Neyveli Township.

But as far as local body election is concerned, residents of the townships are blissfully unaware. An official of the NLC told The Hindu that none of the government bodies had any role in providing the amenities to the township. The only noticeable government programme that had been running successfully in the township was the Public Distribution System.