Change necessitated with Centre proposing to introduce common entrance tests for engg., medical streams

Government college students can now dream of competing with the private colleges students what with the new syllabus for Intermediate first year ready to be adopted from the coming academic year.

The syllabus is in tune with the CBSE syllabus at national level, which the corporate colleges have been teaching to their students in addition to the State syllabus to compete at the national level entrance exams like IIT and AIEEE. “The syllabus has been prepared by experienced lecturers following the NCERT syllabus. It is almost same with little variation in some chapters,” said M. Subrahmanyam, Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education (BIE).

Syllabus has been changed in all science subjects – Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry apart from Mathematics. The prepared syllabus has been given to the Telugu Academy after being checked for errors four times. The English medium books will be ready by April 15 and the Telugu medium books by May 15. About 80 per cent Intermediate students in the State pursue the course in English medium and 20 per cent in Telugu medium, which is mostly offered in 1,000-odd Government junior colleges.

Training for lecturers

Work for preparing the second syllabus will start this November and it will be finished by April next as it will be introduced from 2012-13 to ensure that students joining now will automatically study fresh syllabus even in their second year. Officials said that Government college lecturers will be trained to teach the new syllabus.

The syllabus change has become crucial with the Central Government proposing to introduce common entrance tests for both engineering and medical at the national level. Apart from Andhra Pradesh, several State governments have been opposing its introduction from 2012 itself arguing the syllabus variation.

Despite the variation, State students were bagging maximum ranks in IIT and AIEEE all these years as private colleges prepared their students both with the State and CBSE syllabus. Government colleges' students have been denied of this benefit all these years but with the changed syllabus they can prove themselves at national entrance tests too.

  • The new syllabus is in tune with that of CBSE

  • English medium books to be ready by April 15, Telugu medium by May 15