It’s double whammy for some students of home science college

Of the 10 degree students of the Government Home Science College, Holenarsipur, whose second semester marks cards were withdrawn by the University of Mysore and reissued, eight have failed in the English (Optional) paper.

According to college principal H. Channaveerappa, the university withdrew the marks cards “unofficially”. The principal, protesting the university’s decision, wrote to the Registrar (Evaluation) demanding that the withdrawn marks cards be reissued. He said that he would approach the higher authorities seeking justice, if the demand was not met. He said the university’s act was illegal and had disappointed students.

‘Rules ignored’

Dr. Channaveerappa, in his letter dated November 8 (a copy of which is with The Hindu ), said the university ignored rules and procedure while withdrawing the marks cards. He said he was contacted over phone by university authorities on October 31 and instructed to collect the second semester original marks cards from the 27 students in the batch and meet the Registrar. He met the Registrar on November 3. The Registrar took the original marks cards of 10 students stating that their English (Optional) papers were subjected to reevaluation and the scores had varied. The principal said he was not given an acknowledgement for handing over the marks cards.

Later, the revised marks cards were sent to the college.

Ramesha C.E., whose marks was listed as 40 out of 100 in English (Optional) in the earlier marks card, had now secured 35 marks and failed in the subject. A.H. Shalini had scored 42 in the subject, and the revised marks card shows her score as 27. Similar is the situation of six other students.

For the other two students, their score in the subject has come down by six.

All this began with students writing to the Registrar on July 31 requesting him to initiate action as many students had failed in English language paper, though they had cleared the English (Optional) paper, considered tougher than the former.

The students felt the need to approach the Registrar because those whose names began with letter A to M had failed in the English (Optional) paper but had passed in the English language paper and those whose names began with the letter N to S had failed in English language paper but passed in the English (Optional) paper.

The Registrar informed the principal that as per the students’ request, the English (Optional) papers were re-evaluated.

Principal’s contention

The principal’s contention is that the university had re-evaluated the papers though students had not applied for it.

The Registrar sent the revised marks cards along with a covering letter dated November 6, stating that those who had failed as per the revised marks cards had time to pay the fee for supplementary examination along with third semester exam till November 9. As the letter reached the principal on November 9, the failed candidates lost a chance to appear for the examination.

The students have also appealed to the Registrar to issue them the old marks cards.

  • Second semester marks cards of 10 students were withdrawn by the university

  • Eight of them have now been declared failed in English (Optional) paper