Even as he claimed that people wanted a “third alternative” at the Centre in 2014, Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh on Monday wooed Muslims who, he said, “have faith in the SP.”

Speaking at the State executive meeting here, Mr. Singh blamed the Congress for the plight of Muslims. They “have suffered under the Congress rule and in Gujarat [under the BJP rule of Narendra Modi], they were massacred — “ qatl-e-aam ” — but the SP has given them respect.”

Until the Muzaffarnagar communal violence happened, the SP leadership took Muslim support, as was witnessed in the 2012 Assembly elections, for granted. However, September’s clashes in the Western Uttar Pradesh town apparently seems to have upset the party’s calculations.

Now, a political resolution panned the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government for its failure to implement the Sachar Committee report on Muslims.

With the Congress and the BJP failing people, the SP would play a decisive role in the 2014 elections, the resolution said.

Mr. Singh cautioned that “communal and divisive forces would not allow the SP to succeed but the partymen should see that the maximum number of SP candidates are victorious.”

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said his government had taken several measures for the welfare of the poor, farmers, labourers, Muslims and the deprived sections.