“What happened at Christ Church Girls High School was most unfortunate. We never supported it [vandalism], in fact we were very much against it,” Santanu Das, the father of the Class V student, Oindrilla, whose death on Sept. 11 triggered violent protests, told The Hindu here on Wednesday.

The incident led to the arrest of Principal Helen Sircar.

Wanting the school to reopen at the earliest, Mr. Das said: “At stake is the future of the students”.

 On Ms. Sircar’s wanting to call on the bereaved family at the “right time,” Mr. Das said: “I want the principal to visit our residence and will welcome her if she does. We want her to come as she is also a mother. She will realise the pain we are undergoing.”  

Recalling the events leading to his daughter’s death, he said: “My daughter was so terrified that she did not tell us about what she went through.”

 But he also expressed fears that the issue of “ragging” or “bullying” of a school student by her seniors was being brushed aside in the light of the vandalism.

“It is not right. I do not want any parent to suffer the way we are suffering,” Mr. Das said. 

The family members have alleged that “ragging” by senior students was the reason behind her death.