The monsoon session of Parliament is to start on July 26 and is likely to conclude on August 27, it was announced on Thursday.

Opposition parties have begun preparing to confront the government on issues ranging from prices to the proposed legislation on civil nuclear liability.

Public debate on civil nuclear liability has become much sharper after the punishment meted out by the court to culprits of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy was seen to be less than adequate.

The Opposition has also been encouraged by the response to its Bharat bandh on Monday. BJP leaders, in particular have been saying that there will be floor coordination among the Opposition parties, which otherwise differ ideologically.

The issue of extradition of the former chief of the Union Carbide, Warren Anderson, is expected to come up.

The government could also be asked to explain the context of its dialogue with Pakistan, especially now that Kashmir is in turmoil, fuelled ostensibly by elements from across the border.

The fate of the women's reservation bill, which has been passed by the Rajya Sabha, has to be decided and the Left wants to know whether the government has the political will to see it through.

‘No consensus'

There seems to be as yet no consensus on the bill to curb communal violence and it is doubtful whether it will be introduced this session. The same is true of the idea of a food security bill for a lot of home work is to be done.