Additional Solicitor-General Mohan Parasaran, defending the Centre mainly in the Supreme Court, has been appointed leader of a Task Force of Experts on Clean Energy Investment Project at Columbia Law School's Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia University, in New York.

It has been set up as an advisory body to identify key areas of concern from an Indian perspective for facilitating inflow of U.S. investments in clean energy projects. It would give advice on creation of freely downloadable contract templates, to be provided by the university, for use for U.S. investments.

CO {-2} reduction

The project addresses a critical gap and will be useful in facilitating a $1.1- trillion investment the Indian clean energy sector needs. This would also contribute to reducing 2.8 billion to 3.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by 2030, one of the world's largest emission cutting initiatives according to the 2009 McKinsey report on “Environmental and Energy Sustainability: An approach for India.”

Mr. Parasaran, who visited the university recently to take charge of his responsibilities, said, “The task force is expected to come out with its recommendations before the end of March 2012.”