The Bangyo Sankhyalaghu (BSBM) Buddhijibi Mancha will move the division bench of the Calcutta High Court against its verdict declaring the law under which recruitment of teachers took place in madrasas in the State as “unconstitutional,” said one of its senior members here on Friday.

“If the management committees of madrasas are given the authority to recruit teachers in these institutions, then they will be deprived of qualified teachers and will be ruined by the ensuing corruption and nepotism,” said BSBM president Md. Oyazul Haque.

Citing a Supreme Court’s verdict with regard to minority institutions, he said all the important officials of the West Bengal Madrasah Service Commission (WBMSC) such as those responsible for preparing the syllabus, interviewing candidates and examiners are from the Muslim community, and therefore madrasas were qualified to be granted the status of minority institutions.