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The charge sheet also indicts Rauf, charging him with placing bets on matches through Mr. Singh, even matches which he umpired.

In the charge sheet, the police have mentioned records of 80 calls between the two and accused Mr. Rauf of being in touch with several bookies.

In a conversation on May 15, Mr. Rauf tells Mr. Singh, “Aaj zindagi ki haar jeet kar lena,” indicating that he should place massive bets that day, the charge sheet says.

On that day, Mumbai Indians were playing Rajasthan Royals, a match that Mr. Rauf was umpiring. The next day, bookie Pawan Jaipur called Mr. Singh and said: “Lafda ho gaya hai, jo sim card maine Rauf ko diya hai, tell him to destroy it [There has been a problem, tell Rauf to destroy the Sim card I gave him].”

Mr. Singh then called Mr. Rauf and told him that the Mumbai police were closing in on him. The Pakistani fled India soon after.

The police have also submitted conversations which show that Mr. Rauf was providing information about match conditions to bookies and placing bets. His voice has been identified by two witnesses, the charge sheet says. On May 12, he shared information about the Jaipur pitch with Mr. Singh. On that day, he also placed a massive bet on the match between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings. The transcripts available with the Mumbai police also reveal the amount of bet placed by Mr. Rauf.

The same day, he asked Sanjay Jaipur to deliver his “gift,” indicating reward for his tips. Another intercept reveals that he invited Mr. Singh for lunch with bookies Pawan and Sanjay Jaipur. In one conversation with the bookies, Mr. Singh says, “Whatever we have gifted Asad, we will be able to recover today.”

This suggests the umpire was regularly enticed with gifts. Prem Tarneja, another bookie, has told the police that he bought clothes, shoes and a watch for Mr. Rauf. In one conversation, the bookies, using Mr. Singh’s phone, are heard telling him: “Shaam ko wahi cheez karenge joa aapne batai [In the evening, we will go by what you said].”

The charge sheet lists 22 arrested accused and 24 wanted accused, including 16 Pakistani nationals. There are 205 witnesses. The police have examined 12 voice samples, CCTV footage from four locations, recovered 150 cellphones and 40 sim cards with forged documents.