It will be like mini general election in the country next month as the Election Commission on Friday announced elections/by-elections for the Legislative Assemblies of 10 States. This includes regular polls to be held in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura, each of them having 60 members, in their Assemblies.

While Tripura will have poll on February 14, the elections for Meghalaya and Nagaland Assemblies are scheduled for February 23.

The Assembly by-elections for Alagpur (Assam), Kalyanpur (SC) (Bihar), Chandgad (Maharashtra) will be held on February 24 and that for Chalfilh (ST) (Mizoram), Bhatpar (Uttar Pradesh), Nalhati Birbhum, English Bazar and Rejinagar (West Bengal) and Moga (Punjab) on February 23. The counting of votes for the polls held in all the 10 States will be taken up simultaneously on February 28.