: The government has issued orders acknowledging the measures needed to ensure the social security of those afflicted with brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis imperfecta).

Accordingly, a monthly financial assistance of Rs. 400 has been allowed for the carers — mother, father or close relatives — of child patients who require round-the-clock care, as certified by paediatricians in Government Medical College hospitals. The assistance would be allowed by including it under the ‘Ashwasa kiranam’ scheme.

The injection drugs required for these children to reduce the risk of repeated bone fractures would be made available through the out-patient services in Government and Cooperative medical colleges by including it under the ‘Thalolam’ scheme. The GO also allows disability pension to patients who have a disability of 40 per cent or more due to the repeated fracturing of bones. For details, log on to www.prd.kerala.gov.in