SIVAKASI (Tamil Nadu): The retail price of a matchbox will be doubled to Re. 1 with effect from September 1.

The decision was jointly taken by the All-India Chamber of Match Industries, Sivakasi; the South India Match Manufacturers Association, the Tamil Nadu Match Manufacturers Association, the National Small Match Manufacturers Association (all Kovilpatti-based) and the Chamber of Match Industries, Gudiyatham.

A joint statement said the price of duplex board had gone up by Rs. 10,000 from Rs. 22,000 a tonne in the last six months. The cost of match wax increased to Rs. 66,000 a tonne from Rs. 32,000, while one kg of red phosphorus cost four times now. The cost of sulphur had gone up by 10 times.

Splints and potassium chlorate had also become dearer.

Pointing out that the Union Finance Ministry had rejected their demand to exempt them from CENVAT, the manufacturers said they were forced to hike the matchbox price.

Ensure supply

The associations wanted the Centre to ensure continuous supply of wax.