Residents’ plea for better roads has fallen on deaf ears

Tuesday’s incident in Belur has turned the focus on similar accident-prone spots in the district.

The Dorasamudra tank at Halebid does not have a retaining wall. A person died and another was seriously injured after the car by which they were travelling plunged into the tank a year ago.

Anil Kumar, a resident of Halebid, recalled that one person was killed and several others were injured when a maxi cab fell into the opposite side of the tank around 15 years ago. However, the authorities have not built a wall or a fence there. Another stretch of the road between Hassan and Haelbid near Adagur has a similar spot.

Vehicles commuting between Hassan and Arkalgud too encounter such risky spots on their way.

The road in Kattaya village in Hassan taluk is dangerously close to a tank. Treading on the Gorur bridge, which is in a dilapidated state, is risky. The demand for a new bridge by the local residents has fallen on deaf ears.

Those travelling on the road connecting Magge and Palya in Alur taluk pass through at least five accident-prone spots within the 11-km stretch.

Previous accidents

Ramanna, a resident of Nallur in Alur taluk, recalled that at least four people died after a tractor plunged into a tank near Danehalli 20 years ago. “Though no deaths have been reported in the recent past, the stretch remains dangerous because the road is in a bad shape. People’s representatives have not listened to us,” he said.

The residents also recalled the accident when 25 people died after a lorry plunged into a coconut grove at Agrahara near Ramanathpura in Arkalgud taluk on May 29, 2008.

The driver lost control of the vehicle when he tried to stop it after he was alerted about a high tension live electric wire. The lorry was packed with a marriage party.