Special Correspondent

A modern agrarian, industrial and services economy co-existing side by side

HYDERABAD: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday urged the scientific community to develop technologies both in agriculture and rural manufacturing so that jobs could be created closer home for those who live in villages

Inaugurating the 93rd session of the Indian Science Congress here, Dr. Singh said: "My vision of rural India is of a modern agrarian, industrial and services economy co-existing side by side, where people can live in well-equipped villages and commute easily to work, be it on the farm or in the non-farm economy. There is much that modern science and technology can do to realise this vision," he said.

Quoting the former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi's speech at the Indian Science Congress session in 1976, he said the strategy for rural India had to be one of improving the quality of life in villages, based on easily accessible and appropriate technologies.

Dr. Singh also called for greater research on development of affordable and appropriate technologies for water resource management and energy production as water and energy, like land, were scare resources and science and technology could help on the supply side by increasing factor productivity and by developing technologies that conserve their utilisation.

Assuring that the Central Government would encourage world class research in appropriate water and energy related technologies, he said, "I seek a more informed debate on utilisation of river waters in a manner that would be ecologically sustainable and economically affordable."