Deputy CM Gangmei asserted the parties had joined hands with Naga People’s Front

Manipur Deputy Chief Minister and State Pradesh Congress Committee president Gaikangham Gangmei has torpedoed the move by 13 political parties to come together in a bid to defeat the Congress in the 2014 Parliamentary elections.

Mr. Gangmei has been known to disparage the disunited Opposition parties. After the last elections, he had drawn attention to the fact that the parties could not even open their account. In the January 2011 Assembly elections, the ruling Congress bagged 42 seats in the 60-member House.

Territorial issue: Gangmei

When the unity moves began to take shape among the Opposition, Mr. Gangmei held that the parties had joined hands with the Naga People’s Front, a party whose open agenda is to carve out “Naga areas” out of Manipur and Assam to merge with Nagaland. He had said the State’s territory would not be safe in the hands of these parties.

While the Opposition leaders would not make their stand clear in this regard, NPF chief Soso Lorho maintained that the ruling party was indulging in false propaganda. To this, however, Mr. Gangmei said the NPF was clearly a political party of the Nagas alone and Mr. Lorho must accept this.

No party has ever fielded common candidates in the State’s elections. Though the ruling Congress and Communist Party of India combine has earlier sought to put up a common candidate, pre-election charges had put paid to such a move. Manipur has two Lok Sabha seats. The issue of the State’s territory is a known volatile issue and senior leaders admitted the unity move has fallen through.

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