International Women's day celebrations at Gandhi Bhavan, the Congress party headquarters, witnessed unruly scenes as leaders of the women's wing entered into heated arguments on Thursday. Trouble broke out when APCC general secretary M. Rajani Reddy objected to holding the celebrations without informing her. Alleging the protocol was not followed, she picked up an argument with other Mahila Congress office-bearers. In the absence of the Mahila Congress chief K. Ganga Bhavani, other office-bearers were asked to organise the meeting to felicitate women. Alleging that Dalits were given short-shrift in the party, Ms. Rajani Reddy stormed out of the meeting resulting an abrupt end to the programme.

Party leaders said differences had cropped among the Mahila Congress workers owing allegiance to Ms. Ganga Bhavani. Entry of some Praja Rajyam women leaders also added fuel to fire.