Alleging that oil companies are a “law unto themselves” and that a “big scam” was in the making at the cost of countless consumers, some members of the Federation of LPG distributors of India on Saturday decided to take to the streets threatening to go on a hunger strike until their demands were met.

“The Marketing Discipline Guidelines are being used by the oil companies to arm-twist and blackmail us into doing things we don’t want to do or shouldn’t be doing,” alleged P.V. Rao, who was chairing the meeting called by the federation to discuss their issues.

“According to the companies, if 100 out of 25,000 applications have some errors, the LPG distributor will be liable for strict action. This means losing 50 per cent of the dealer commission for a month the first time it happens, the second time losing 100 per cent and the third time losing our licence. This way, we are made to sell things we don’t want to,” he said, adding that the people who were in charge of getting the information correct, like the delivery boys, were usually uneducated and that the detailed audit and accuracy that was required from them was not beneficial for customer service but only a manner of harassing them.

  • Oil companies are responsible for the thriving black marketing of gas: Federation

  • The companies have also ignored the direction of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry: Soni